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What's New, April 2023

April has been the most productive month in quite some time, and I'm not even referring to actual painting. There has been something very exciting in the works that has required a lot of patience and new learning on my end, and maybe soon to be on your end too. Hopefully you'll be very happy to learn that I have been participating in creating a video series showcasing myself and my art methods.

The video series will come out later this year; originally set for November, so hopefully I will be able to share more details as we get closer. For now I can tell you that this will be a FOUR HOUR video series on the site of another artist that I love and admire, Jeanne Oliver. She features the works and videos of many fabulous artists and their unique methods and creating, and I am honored to be included!

It was quite an experience filming for this series. The thing I was the most concerned with (along with sound, lighting, content, etc.) was definitely the most difficult, and that was talking while painting. It turns out that it doesn't sound very good to start a sentence and pause for about 20 seconds before finally finishing it, or attempting to! The train of thought was here and there and everywhere. For me painting is a solitary experience, involving a very special place I go to called "the zone". Here I find flow, but it's a difficult space to form thought; I had to figure out how to toe the line and stay just aware enough to do so. After all, "finding flow" is the thing I absolutely adore the most about painting. It was what I ended up naming my course. :)

Hopefully you know about being in the zone and finding flow somewhere or at some time in your life. It can be found anywhere... in the garden, while in the kitchen, at work, exercising, playing or participating in anything you are fully immersed in. I wish it for you. Hallie

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