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Early Bird, Worm

Early bird pricing and access to my online painting course Finding Flow--Giving Life to Oils is available through October 6th! There are four hours of content at the introductory price of $42! We will be painting glass, fruit, a hummingbird in the garden, shiny silver, flowers, and also using gold leaf and some oil pigment sticks. Here is the link if you're interested in more information. Thank you!

And as always I continue to practice daily painting now that school has started again. It's always a struggle getting back into the swing of things and finding fresh inspiration. Lately I have found myself enjoying contour drawing practice in my journal. It's quite something, a drastic difference from colorful oils... but there is always growth that sneaks in between the cracks. Here are a few of my practice pages as well as some of the current oil paintings in my studio. They're completely different, which is entirely what makes it so much fun. Thanks for looking! Hallie

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