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Soft Pastel Works, March 2023

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Soft pastel works are referred to as "paintings", though for me the process is so completely different from painting with a brush. However, no one would argue that the result at the end is definitely art. The completed piece feels like a drawing, but certainly the tool is very different from anything you would typically draw with. The thing I can compare soft pastels to the most is working with chalk outside on the driveway with my boys when they were younger.

They are not chalk, though they do contain a small amount of chalk, along with pigment, binder, and water. There is no oil in soft pastels, yet the finished look is said to resemble an oil painting. I LOVE THEM and I have been working with them every day! I am completely enjoying experimenting and trying things that would take MUCH longer with paint.

Soft pastels are also providing me with an opportunity to grow, like anything used to explore with. Because the work is fairly quick, I feel myself learning more about color and value along with composition that I know will transition well to my painting practice.

On March 31st I am going to make all of the soft pastel pieces that I have been working on available at 11am central time. So far there are over 50 pieces available! They will be on my website under the "PAINTINGS" tab; there you will find the "Soft Pastels" option. These will be priced to include an 8x10" mat so that once you receive your piece of art it can be slipped into any 8x10 frame for a quick display. I think that you will love them as much as I do! Hallie

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