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Plein Air & Art Fair(s), May 2023

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Here is an update for my summer/fall art fair schedule; would love to see you!

Saturday, June 10th (only) The Corners of Brookfield--Arts Crafts & Drafts Booth #376

Sat/Sun, August 5th and 6th Janesville Tallman Arts Festival

Sat/Sun, August 12th and 13th Green Lake Fine Art Show

Saturday, August 19th Agora Art Fair Fitchburg

Saturday, September 10th Mount Mary University

Sat/Sun, November 11th & 12th Monona Terrace Winter Art Fair Off the Square

Phew! Getting this written on the very last day of May was definitely not my intention, but absolutely understandable. You know how when you experience six months of gray dreary days and then your world regains warmth and color..? If so, then you understand! I've been outside. :)

The need to be outdoors has inspired my art this past month. Rather than fighting between enjoying the gardens or painting, I have been painting nearly everything from life this month. It is quite a different experience as I often work from photos that I have taken. When painting from life I feel more freedom and less need to duplicate what I see; I think of it more as very big inspiration. Here are some examples. Finished paintings can all be seen on my website. Thanks for visiting! Hallie

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